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Job Summary. It is the responsibility of the Project Manager to organize, supervise and coordinate the project and the on- site staff (daily communication with superintendents on each operating project is expected) in order to complete the work on schedule, within the budget and to the quality of workmanship specified. It is also his/her responsibility to serve as the SWANK ENTERPRISES representative on the Owner-Architect-Builder team. In the performance of this function, it is the Project Manager’s responsibility to protect and promote SWANK ENTERPRISES’ interests in all matters and to do whatever is reasonably necessary to execute his/her duties and responsibilities which include, but are not limited to, the following.

Essential Job Duties & Responsibilities. 

  • To provide leadership and to establish and maintain effective and harmonious working relationships with all those involved in the project, particularly with the Owner and the Architect.

  • To meet at regular intervals with the Owner and Architect and to keep them currently advised on the status of cost versus budget and the progress of the work.

  • To coordinate the functions of the estimating, scheduling, purchasing, accounting and operations departments as they relate to the progress and completion of the project under his/her direction.

  • To have a complete and thorough knowledge and understanding of the Contract Documents, the General Contract and the Subcontracts.

  • To see that all drawings and specifications are examined, prior to beginning construction, for design deficiencies, impractical details and possible code violations, and through a meeting with the Architect, bring them to a resolution.

  • To ensure that requisitions for subcontracts and purchase orders are prepared and submitted on a timely basis.

  • To see that the Project Schedule, incorporating dates and times for Owner decisions, availability of design information, procurement of materials and subcontracts, lead times for fabrication, and field installation, is established and maintained.

  • To see that the prescribed quality control measures are implemented and maintained throughout the life of the project.

  • To organize and train the on-site staff to the requirements of the project, and to assure that those individuals whose functions require the knowledge and understanding of certain documents and procedures, receive and understand that information.

  • To assure that each individual understands his/her own responsibilities and those with whom he/she is working.

  • To utilize skills to run multiple projects as efficiently as possible.

  • To establish and maintain SWANK ENTERPRISES’ administrative procedures as they relate to the project. More specifically this requires:

    • Applications for Payment to the Owner are properly submitted, payment is promptly received, and funds are properly disbursed.

    • Management is informed as to the progress of the project, its financial status and current Owner-Architect relations.

    • Requirements pertinent to insurance, safety, labor relations and State or Federal government wage or employment regulations are met.

    • Reporting and forecasting of cost through a cost value reconciliation format is achieved on an accurate and timely basis.

    • Ensure that additional project costs are submitted and accounted for in a timely manner.

Skills Required. Employees are expected to read blue prints, have an understanding of project cost analysis, and effectively use the following computer programs within a reasonable amount of time:

  • Microsoft Office Suite

  • ProCore

  • Bluebeam

Certifications & Licenses. LEED AP or LEED training is encouraged.

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