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Job Summary. 

  • Will perform a variety of duties at building construction sites assisting carpenters, masons, ironworkers, and other skilled workers.

  • Supply workers with necessary materials as needed.

  • Will be handling and moving a variety of materials and supplies to include lumber, sheetrock, plywood, steel bars, concrete forms, etc.

  • May use forklift to assist with transport.

  • May carry and set up scaffolding.

  • Will use hand and power tools.

  • May work tasks associated with building demolition.

  • May operate trucks to pick up and deliver needed materials and take trash and rubble to dump area. 

  • May operate a forklift and bobcat (if certified).

  • May dig trenches using shovel or other tools. 

  • Clean up job site area as needed and keeps a safe area for workers.

Essential Job Duties & Responsibilities. 

  • Moderate supervision, reports to Foreman.

  • Receives work instructions from Foreman and/or Superintendent.

  • Works all required shifts, including varying shifts, extended hours, and overtime.

  • Assist with daily problem solving.

  • May perform other duties as assigned.

  • Demonstrates knowledge and compliance with all company safety policies and procedures. 

Skills Required. ​

  • Ability to read and write, do basic math including add, subtract, multiply and divide

  • Understand and follow verbal and written directions.

  • Verbal communication in English.

  • Able to use and read tape measure.

  • Independent worker with good organizational skills.

  • Ensures and contributes to a safe environment for customers and employees

  • Keeps current with and adheres to OSHA and safety training requirements.

  • Must wear safety glasses, safety harness (as needed), hard hat, hearing protection, leather shoes and may wear gloves as needed.

Swank Enterprises provides special training to meet additional job requirements. 

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