Building for the Next Century

A lot can change over the decades! But as the years roll by like a Montana tumbleweed, one thing remains paramount to Swank Enterprises - providing quality construction, extraordinary project management, and jobs delivered on-time, on-budget. It's not a complex formula, but a mindset that the Swank family has embraced and carried forward.

Swank Enterprises' performance and commitment to quality have garnered both respect and praise from customers, employees, and the community at large.

With more than 50 years in the construction industry, Swank Enterprises embraces the future with excitement and a keen sense of a simple work ethic as the tradition of excellence continues.

Emerging from the humble beginnings of a lumber yard and construction office in the town of Valier, Montana in 1960, Swank Enterprises has grown to become a leader in engineering and construction. Armed with a diverse portfolio, expert workforce, more than 200 employees, and hundreds of projects under its belt - this Montana company is recognized as a highly professional and creative force in the US Northwest.

As Swank Enterprises moves forward... we will continue to apply our skills to projects both large and small. The SE Team extends a warm invitation for you to enjoy and explore our vast portfolio of projects and services.