Swank Enterprises founding family (Below L to R): Dewey Swank/VP and Manager of Kalispell office; Rene Swank/CFO; Dean Swank/Company Founder & CEO; and Derek Swank/VP and Manager of Valier office.

About Us


Swank Enterprises is a Montana-based company providing construction services in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Washington.  We offer our leadership, competence, experience and integrity to be your partner in the delivery your next project through its full life cycle.


In 1947, in the small town of Valier, Montana - DeVoe Swank bought a lumber yard to serve the Valier community and raise a family.

In 1960, Dean Swank established Swank Enterprises in a small back office in that lumber yard.  Fueled by Dean’s intense passion for construction and strong integrity, the company grew steadily through many uncertain times in Montana’s past six decades. 

The culture of integrity Dean established in 1960 drives our company today.  We honor our word and we put our shoulder behind every project to meet deadlines and exceed expectations.


At Swank Enterprises our philosophy is that of constructing with integrity and excellence.
We recognize our primary asset is our people. We provide opportunity and leadership to help our people achieve their potential.  We demonstrate uncompromising integrity, honesty and fairness in our interaction with our people, and we expect them to reflect these values in their delivery of your project.


We are proactive in finding solutions for our clients that best achieve their goals.  We strive to maximize the value of every dollar spent, knowing that the facility must best serve its patients, students, staff, and customers.
Personal attention to our clients as individuals and total commitment to their goals is what distinguishes Swank Enterprises. Long term relationships are the lifeblood of our business.  We want to not only be the constructor of choice for this project, but also for your next project.


We remain true to our small town Montana roots.  Valier is our corporate headquarters and we are the largest employer behind the local schools.  Our home office employees hail from around the Northern Triangle region and bring professional degrees in accounting and engineering.